22/1/2018 : Aussie banks get chatty

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Westpac and Commonwealth bank introduce new digital banking features.

Westpac now allows customers a shortcut to banking services from within the iMessage application. From the new Westpac icon in the iMessage app customers are able to make payments, generate a cardless cash code and generate BSB and account details. All while staying within the iMessage application.

Customers can also make fund transfers direct to people in their contact list via Westpac for iMessage and have the payment confirmation sent as an SMS to the payee.

The Westpac iMessage service is available on iPhones running iOS11 and the latest version of the Westpac app.

Commonwealth Bank has in the meantime launched a chatbot dubbed Ceba. The banks says using artificial intelligence can help customers with more than 200 common banking tasks including card activation, bank balances, making payments and cardless cash withdrawals.

The service is expected to be available 24/7 and can recognise around 60,000 different ways customers might ask for the 200 banking tasks and will also seamlessly transfer to a human operator as needed.

The Ceba chatbot is available to 20% of Netbank customers and will be rolled out to other customers in the coming months.

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