19/1/2018 Drone rescues teens

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A new rescue drone has performed a rescue hours after being deployed for the first time.

In New South Wales two teenage boys were rescued with a brand new program using drones to locate swimmers in distress and drop an inflatable rescue device to them. The swimmers use the rescue device to stay afloat and swim to shore or wait for rescue services.

Surf Life Saving NSW and the NSW state government had collaborated to establish the program that uses drones to patrol waters and if needed drop flotation devices to assist in rescues.

In a world first the rescue drone had proven itself capable of giving Surf Rescue and Patrol teams more mobility and better visibility than ever before. Capable of flying at 60m above the ocean and travelling up to 50km/h this technology has demonstrated from day one that it is going to make a big difference on beaches around the world.

When seconds count, this technology is able to respond in seconds not minutes and has the potential to save lives.

The NSW government announced in December that it intends to invest $430,000 in drone technology as a part of the trial covering the NSW coast.

Not only a big help with rescue situations but in other states a similar drone program is rolling out to clubs aimed at monitoring the waters surrounding patrol areas for sharks and other marine life.

Keep an eye out for the distinctive red and yellow drones at a beach near you.

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