15/1/2018 Telstra Announces new Internet of Things service

The Internet of Things is all well and good but it needs a way to communicate. Telstra is throwing its massive network behind this new technology trend.

In a press release posted on Jan 12, Telstra announced two new services on the Telstra Mobile Network, Cat M1 and Narrowband. These new services are aimed at the growing market of the Internet of Things or IoT which will need to transmit small amounts of data at very low power levels.

Currently most IoT devices communicate either over WiFi or Cellular networks. Both are better suited to the consumer market capable of carrying large amounts of data at high speeds but with the downside of high power requirements.

With M1 and Narrowband, devices are able to send and receive data in small amounts while consuming tiny amounts of power. This is great news for devices that are battery powered meaning that instead of needing to recharge every few days they can go for weeks, months or even years between charges.

IoT devices are most often sensors that record and transmit small amounts of data such as temperature and location. This kind of data only needs a few hundred kilobits per second of bandwidth to do this effectively instead of using consumer grade services capable of hundreds of megabits per second. Telstra added Cat M1 to their network in 2017 and Narrowband just recently to the existing three million square kilometer mobile network.

For the official press release, go here.

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