12/1/2018 South Australia’s Tesla battery outperforms expectations

The world’s largest battery has had a good first month.

The battery located in Hornsdale, South Australia was built as a bet by Elon Musk to build, install and commission the battery within 100 days or it is free.

Elon won that bet by delivering in 54 days and is no doubt pleased with the performance from its first month of operations.

The battery has been doing a great job at smoothing out power supply issues that have plagued the state and first jumped into action on the 14th of December by providing 100 megawatts of power within 140 milliseconds to cover the failure of Victoria’s Loy Yant power station.

This is a storage system not a generation system so there is a net loss shown as it supplied  2.42 gigawatt-hours and consumed 3.06 gigawatt-hours giving an overall efficiency of 80 percent.

What has impressed power operators the most is the battery’s ability to smooth out the supply and demand balance calculated every 4 seconds by the Australian Energy Market Operator.

The success of the storage system has prompted other states including Queensland, Victoria and announced in the last few days The Northern Territory to start work on their own energy storage.

With a single tweet, the Australian Energy Market seems to have changed forever.

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